All information about the latest import and export procedures in place to know

Do you want to do international business and need to learn about the procedure of on-site import and export? Please read the article below to get information about procedures for importing and exporting goods at airports, seaports and industrial parks..


Viet Nam customs examination department

The process of goods quality inspection as well as import and export always needs the role of the Customs Inspection Department to manage and ensure quality before enterprises provide products and goods to clients.


What is electronic customs declaration? How to complete the electronic customs declaration?

Electronic customs declaration is the process of declaring goods and clearing goods through electronic customs systems and software...


Things to be noteiced when making the set of export documents

The set of export documents is an important document for exporting enterprises. It includes many documents such as export invoice, export note, certificate of origin and other legal documents...


The latest procedure for exporting frozen food

Frozen food is becoming a potential business area in Vietnam, especially after Covid-19. Understanding the frozen food export procedures will help businesses ensure smooth operations without violating the law...


Steps to completing the seafood export procedure

let's learn about steps to completing the seafood export procedure with U&I Logistics right now in the article below!


Procedures for importing machinery and equipment in accordance with the new regulation

Therefore, to help businesses as well as shippers facilitate the import procedures of machinery and equipment, let's find out with U&I Logistics right in the article below!


4 steps to complete the cashew nut export procedure

To make it easier for businesses to understand the customs procedures for exporting cashew nuts, let's find out with U&I Logistics in the article below!


Steps of procedures for exporting agricultural products

Currently, the quality of Vietnamese agricultural products is growing well thanks to world market trends as well as increasing consumption demand, which is a great opportunity for exporters.