“Provide logistics solutions that meet the demand of each and every client”

Warehousing & Distribution

Proud to be the largest bonded warehouse in the wood furniture industry in Southeast Asia

About the service

At U&I Logistics Corporation, we proudly stand among the most efficient services for warehousing and distribution providers thanks to possessing the largest bonded warehouse in Southeast Asia, with a total storage area of 242,320 m² (equivalent to 2,609,000 ft²). Our warehouse system has more than 2,000,000 m² (equivalent to 21,527,820 ft²) of storage capacity at the key economic zone which located across the country.

The entire warehouse system is fully equipped with modern infrastructure, technology in accordance with C-TPAT standards of U.S CBP and ISO 9001 certification such as: Modern warehouse management software (WMS), barcode inventory management, humidity control and pest management, etc. As a result, U&I Logistics has received the trust of many prestigious strategic partners such as Saigon Co.op and Trancy Logistics and is confident in providing practical solutions that meet the demand of each and every client.

Our warehouse & distribution services include:

  • Bonded warehouse

  • Distribution center

  • Customs declaration

  • Other warehouse services (Cross docking, order management, packing and sorting, loading and unloading, consolidated container services, etc)


Special features:

  • TOP 1 largest bonded warehouse in Southeast Asia
  • 2.000.000 m² storage capacity
  • 465.071 m² warehouse area
  • 2.000+ P/O per day
  • 34.000+ daily SKUs