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What is the most commonly used renewable energy in green warehouses?


U&I Logistics - Currently, developing green logistics is an inevitable trend and an important criterion for evaluating the sustainable development of the logistics industry. In order to implement green logistics development, the following contents need to be considered: green transportation operations, green warehouse operations, green packaging operations, green information systems and reverse logistics development.

However, the results of these activities are still quite vague in Vietnam. According to the Logistics Vietnam 2022 Report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are still 26.8% of logistics businesses in Vietnam that do not have a green development strategy.

Renewable energy: An optimal solution for green warehousing

In the context of the logistics industry facing environmental challenges, green warehousing is one of the important criteria to assess the sustainable development of the industry.

One of the effective solutions to green warehousing is to switch to using renewable energy sources. These are clean, sustainable, and have lower costs than traditional energy sources.
According to the Logistics Vietnam 2022 report by the Ministry Of Industry And Trade Of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, among the businesses that have used renewable energy sources in warehousing operations, up to 81.8% of businesses choose to use solar energy; 18.2% use hydroelectricity; and 12.1% use wind power. Looking at these results, solar energy is used by many businesses in Vietnam in their warehouse greening strategy.

Solar energy is used by many businesses in Vietnam in their warehouse greening strategy (According to the Logistics Vietnam 2022 report)

However, the proportion of enterprises using renewable energy in warehouse operations is only 31.4%. Therefore, enhancing awareness and promoting green logistics activities is necessary to ensure sustainable development for Vietnam's logistics industry.

U&I Logistics: A pioneering Vietnamese logistics business in the use of renewable energy in warehouse operations

U&I Logistics has been promoting the development of its supply chain system based on green infrastructure and digitalization. Since the end of 2020, U&I Logistics has been a pioneer in applying renewable energy to warehouse operations through a solar power project installed on the roof of its Bonded Warehouses with a capacity of nearly 2 MWp.

The use of solar power helps U&I Logistics provide electricity to the humidity control system of the bonded warehouses instead of grid electricity, reducing electricity costs and improving the efficiency of warehouse operations. It also lowers the temperature under the roof and reduces air conditioning costs. Besides, the solar energy system also brings other benefits to the environment such as:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 2,000 tons per year
  • Save more than 10% on electricity costs
  • Minimize the use of fossil fuels
  • Contribute to ensure national energy security

This is evidence of the harmonious combination of business and sustainable development, contributing to building a green future for Vietnam

Solar power system of U&I Logistics

With its efforts, U&I Logistics  has become a pioneer in the transition to green logistics by applying modern and environmentally friendly technologies, contributing to the realization of the goal of achieving net zero emissions - which is also the solution that Vietnam has committed to the international community for the development of green logistics at the COP26 conference.

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