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Calculation of sea freight fees in Vietnam

Currently, sea freight is considered one of the most popular means of transporting in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows how to calculate sea freight fees in Vietnam.


5 Biggest Ships In Sea Freight

U&I Logistics - Thanks to modern and environmentally friendly ships, sea freight operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the purpose, some ships are used to carry general cargo, while others are bulk carriers, liquids, etc. In this article, U&I Logistics wants to share with you interesting information. position about 5 Biggest Ships in sea freight. Let's find out together now!


Types of Cargo Shipped by Sea Freight Transport

U&I Logistics - Sea freight is a popular and important form of freight in import and export activities. Depending on the type of cargo and the purpose, the shipping vessels are classified into different types. Let's learn about 5 Types of Cargo Shipped by Sea Freight Transport with U&I Logistics in the article below!


5 main factors that affect sea freight rates

U&I Logistics - Today, import and export activities between countries in the world are developing. In particular, sea freight rates are always the top concern of shippers in international freight.