Steps to completing the seafood export procedure


U&I Logistics - Today, the export is on the upswing, promoting the growth of many seafood owners, contributing to the development of the country's economy. To help individuals as well as businesses more conveniently in international trade activities, let's learn about steps to completing the seafood export procedure with U&I Logistics right now in the article below!


1. Overview of seafood industry in Vietnam

2. Steps to completing the seafood export procedure

3. U&I Logistics - Customs brokerage agency service

Steps to completing the seafood export procedure
Steps to completing the seafood export procedure

1. Overview of seafood industry in Vietnam

The seafood industry is one of the economic spearhead sectors in Vietnam. Therefore, the state always focuses on developing the scale of aquaculture, in order to bring Vietnam's seafood brand to not only affirm its position in the country but also reach out to many markets around the world.

To predict the future, the seafood industry will continue to grow positively. In order to have more access to international partners, the state outlines and decides on an import and export development strategy that is essential. This helps many commodity owners as well as exporters better understand the seafood export procedure, contributing to speeding up the trade process.

2. Steps to completing the seafood export procedure

When it comes to export procedures for seafood products, the basic process will have the following steps:

 5 steps to completing the seafood export procedure
 5 steps to completing the seafood export procedure

Step 1: Prepare and check the source of exported seafood products

The exporter needs to check whether their seafood products are on the list of goods allowed to be exported or not.

Export seafood shipments need to be transported by refrigerated containers with a reasonable temperature, using additional support items to ensure a stable temperature during transportation. In addition, seafood shipments need to be carefully arranged, ensuring cold air is circulated and maintained throughout the transportation.

Step 2: Check the set of export documents

The unit needs to prepare all documents to export seafood shipments. Mandatory export documents include:

  • Sales contract
  • Commercial Invoice (Invoice)
  • Packing List (Packing List)
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs declaration (received after the declaration has been successfully transmitted)
  • Other relevant documents

Particularly for aquatic products, in addition to the usual documents, goods owners need to register for animal quarantine before exporting.

Step 3: Register for Veterinary Certificate

Submit registration form

The exporting side goes to the Department of Animal Health to submit the registration dossier for quarantine of aquatic products. Registration documents include:

  • Quarantine declaration form
  • For aquatic animals and animal products under the management of other relevant competent state agencies, documents or permits must be submitted as prescribed.
  • Quarantine requirements of the importing country (if any)
  • Certificate of disease safety of the aquaculture establishment where the seafood originated for the production of the consignment (if any)
  • Other relevant documents

Officials in the Department of Animal Health will check the quantity, type, take samples of products for testing, etc. of the submitted aquatic product samples.

Time to issue quarantine certificate

The exporting side will base on the time stated on the appointment card to go to the Department of Animal Health to receive the Certificate of Quarantine.

Step 4: Carry out customs declaration procedures

After completing the inspection of the set of documents, you go to the customs declaration software to enter data to conduct the customs declaration. Note, the customs declarant needs to fill in all the information of the export item when declaring, to avoid errors because it will affect the customs clearance process.

If there is no experience, the importer is required to use external customs brokerage service to make the declaration process safe and avoid unnecessary risks.

Once the declaration has been successfully declared and transmitted, the electronic customs receiving system will respond to the enterprise with the electronic reception number. The importer needs to double check the information to make sure there are no errors.

Pay tax and necessary documents at the customs branch as declared on the declaration. In addition, depending on the results of the stream, it is necessary to check the actual goods or not.

  • For green channel: exempt from detailed inspection of dossiers, exempt from physical inspection of goods when enterprises comply with customs laws and regulations,
  • For the yellow channel: customs will waive the physical inspection of goods, but check the details of the documents.
  • For the red channel: Customs checks the details of the documents and conducts detailed inspection of goods with different levels of actual inspection of the shipment.

Step 5: Complete the customs clearance process

Once the documents are approved by the customs, return them to the shipping line to complete the customs clearance process. After completing the above steps, the unit has completed the process of customs clearance for seafood exports.

The steps may vary when exporting actual seafood depending on many different factors (specific goods, means of transport,...). In order to have a detailed understanding of all the necessary processes and documents, individuals or businesses should seek out an outsourced import-export service provider to ensure the safety of the export clearance process.

3. U&I Logistics - Customs brokerage agency service

With more than years of experience in import and export activities, U&I Logistics Corporation is proud to be a pioneer in the field of customs procedures in Vietnam. Customs clearance services at U&I Logistics include:

  • Customs clearance procedure
  • C/O procedure
  • Freight forwarding
  • Import-export tax fee consultancy


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With the trust of customers, U&I Logistics is committed to making more efforts to bring success to all partners in import and export activities.

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