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Vietnam transport exchange

(Leading 3PL supplier in Vietnam)

Vietnam transport exchange – The convergence of owners of goods and transportation

VTRUCK is an enterprise which is operating in transport business. Together with the online e-commerce and transport system between service hirers and transportation owners.

VTRUCK ensures the perfect combination by reasonable calculation of the price in other to serve interests of three parties: service hirers, transportation owners, and the last one is Vtruck.

• VTRUCK provides service hirers with the cheap price, safety when ordering.

• VTRUCK helps transportation owner to get many customers, transport goods conveniently and increase their income.

• VTRUCK sets up transport system with faith, convenience and service speed. Besides, Vtruck also provides other services relating to transportation.

Customer only needs to sign a Customs broker agent contract to authorize us to conduct works relating to customs procedures and freight forwarding. After that, customer is able to totally have peace of mind to do other works, the customs clearance and freight forwarding were executed by U&I Logistics 



• Service hirers can have peace of mind when working with Vtruck, they also need not to concern about elements such as: the place for hiring vehicles, the way to load and unload cargoes, how procedures are. They only need to know Vtruck.

• About transportation owners, they can also feel assured when being the forwarding partners of Vtruck, they have not to look for people who need to hire the services. For them, knowing Vtruck is enough.


Convenience comes from two parties, service hirers get the simple procedure. Vehicles owners can transport goods without wasting fees thanks for customer system of Vtruck. The price is cheap because of professional and scientific management.


This is the indispensable element for any transport goods system. 

Our transport exchange at (Vtruck) is the bridge to connect the transport demand and supply in nationwide. Vtruck is an online solution assisting vehicle owners in introducing their best vehicles and services with the most reasonable costs. Moreover, the enterprises which have cargoes transport demands also find out the best relevant transport suppliers easily. The difference of Vtruck is the ability to solve the current problem of very high cost of transport that one-way mode of transport has been causing. Vtruck is the first transport exchange in Vietnam being promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.